They say there is a time for everything.

Well, the time has now come…

Initiated by ex- co-owner and creative director of the world-renown Dance Tracks Records NYC Joaquin Joe Claussell-joined by music selector Jay Locke- together they are committed to the art of rhythm and sound in a way that is unprecedented and forward-thinking. And as it pertains to the current landscape of retail, having them back on the record store side of the things is way overdue.

Welcome to Sacred Rhythm and Cosmic Arts Record – Store

Cosmic arts Record-Store’s overall mission is to bring back those days where music was not treated as a commodity, but rather, transferred to each customer with pride, purpose, and devotion. Like back in the heyday, when vinyl records ruled; we are eager to get back to turning people on to some dope music-while at the same time provide an atmosphere that is conducive to bringing people together thus creating a platform for the arts that are positive, real and enlightening.

You see…

We not only live and breathe this thing called music.

But we also share it with confidence and love.


The Journey began on Friday March 2nd, 2018, and continues Friday’s and Saturdays thereafter. 3PM – 9PM

An appointment on off days can also be arranged.


Cosmic Arts…

Selling only the dopest new and used jams (with no fillers)

+ Providing a music sanctuary with the purpose of both educating and healing all whom we have the pleasure of serving


We look forward to connecting with you.


Thank You for Listening.

The Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts Family

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