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Live in the Light + Healing Drumming Circle + Joe Claussell Raw Tones Cassette Project + Advance 12"

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

SHARE A Tribute to Fertile Ground – Live in the light

If there ever a time to ponder the significance, relevance and meaning of blackness, it is now. Black culture, black beauty and quite frankly, Black pride, are all worthy candidates for immediate discourse. With the emergence of increasingly more popular and accessible global culture. The role of the black artist as a historian, cultural ambassador, and general voice of inspiration in the urban community becomes much more significant as artist I feel is our duty to protect and continue the legacies of Paul Roberson, Duke Ellington, John “Dizzy Gillespie, Nina Simone, Marcus Garvey, Malcom, Martin, Zumbi dos Palmares, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz and Marvin Gaye. We have to protect the sanctity of our art. Locked inside the integrity of creation are the tools we need to protect the sacred images of Mother, Warrior, Family, Healer, Father, Chief, MC, Dancer, Drummer, and every other shad of our ancestry and existence. Black Is… James Collins CEO, Black Out Studios Liner Notes Borrowed from Fertile Ground’s Black Is Album It is from that perspective that we invite you to join our next installment of “Share” A tribute to Fertile Ground and that of Spiritual Jazz Music. Words alone cannot expressively communicate what Fertile Ground and their music could mean right now to a world desperately in need of a new kind of spiritual awakening. No longer together as a unit, Fertile Grounds music and message, however, continues to resonate deep within the souls of the many who’ve been fortunate to be sanctified by the way of the alternative medicine that emanates from their sound and voice. For I am one of those fortunate souls. Which is why I’m offering my sincere appreciation, love and gratitude to these formidable messengers of our time; Not only for their profound gifts of music and intellectual insights, but for advancing truth to power, especially at a time where there are very few, if any left that has the courage to pick up from where they left off. Should there be any doubt or questions with regards to the prowess; all one needs to do is listen and dance to the message in their music and voice. The answer’s, however, will only reveal themselves to those who are truly engaging in their relentless struggle for change.

Share – Live in the Light: A tribute to Fertile Ground and Spiritual Jazz + Drumming Circle. Joining us this evening will be special guest musician Elliot Levin –Poetry Music + Joaquin Joe Claussell’s Raw Tones Cassette Tape Release + Advance Copies of his next Unofficial Edits & Overdubs 12.” Place: Cosmic Arts Music and Arts Gallery Date: Thursday November 5th 2020 Times: 7Pm – Midnight. Healing Drumming Circle: 7PM -8PM Music Selection: The Music of Fertile Ground and Spiritual Jazz. Important Info: This is not a house music event. Bring with you only the Music of Fertile Ground and, or that of the genre of Spiritually Conscious Jazz Music. Special Free Gift Give Away Food, Munchies and Drinks are Always Appreciated. Thank You for Listening.

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