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Dear valued supporter


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As always we sincerely appreciate your support.


Thank You for Listening 


Wishing all joy and wisdom upon you in 2024

Who we are

Our Space and what we provide


The space that we currently occupy was designed specifically with comfort and sound enjoyment in mind. We strive to provide a location where individuals of all kinds can cultivate a connection with one another. It is a living room that we take great pride and joy in sharing with all who visit and who are willing to invest some of their precious time with us.

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What We’re about


More than just a central hub for music and art enthusiasts situated in the heart of Bushwick Brooklyn; Part of our goal is to encourage a society that strives for solidarity and who are authentic. And we do not subscribe to anything less. We aim to permanently imprint both a unique and positive mark that is yet to be written further than within the vastness of our immediate universe; A commitment so significant, that it might at times rival the unwavering devotion and love that we share for the culture of expressive freedom, sound, and art. 

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Musically Speaking


 Along with the invaluable contributions from our knowledgeable and Friendly Staff; we carry a wide range of music, and in all formats. Cosmic Arts caters to everyone who share an affinity with music and art. But it is also a music educational center that supports diggers / music enthusiasts whose main objective is discovering new sounds to further expand on their knowledge of music...


We do carry all genres and boast an eclectic selection of New and Rare contemporary LP’s, 12” records, CD’s, Cassette Tapes. A wide variety of dope Sacred Rhythm and Cosmic Arts merchandise, DJ accessories, books, and magazines etc. Furthermore, and most importantly, Cosmic Arts supports our local and international family of independent music labels, DJ'S (Aspiring and professional) and visual artists-especially those who do their part and contribute to the concept of artistic freedom.


With all that said, we are more than looking forward to having you with us.


With Rhythm, Love, and Gratitude

The Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts Family

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